12 December, 2014

needs vs wants

Needs vs Wants

Being born and bred in sunny (aka torturous) Singapore, I've never had a chance to wear leather jackets and wondrous coats, yet I've been lusting over these winter pieces ever since I've entered the 'fashion world'. But with my upcoming trip to Tokyo during the winter season, I finally have an obligatory need and reason to invest in these objects of lust. So for the past month since the trip was confirmed, I've been considering whether to splurge on them in Singapore or play safe and buy them in Japan. Although I've mostly decided on doing the latter, 'tis the season of giving (or treating yourself, really) and since Net-a-Porter is offering up to 50% off designer brands, convince yourself that you've been good this year, then take on the role of Santa Claus. 

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