06 November, 2014

gone girl


Outfit 1: top c/o So Frocking Good / denim overalls c/o So Frocking Good / loafers from Charles and Keith / watch from Casio 
Outfit 2: top from Forever 21 / dress c/o So Frocking Good / shoes from Nike / watch from Casio

Hi there, I am still alive and I'm back from an unannounced hiatus with a post that has a title with reference to a movie/book I never watched/read. If you haven't seen this answer from my askfm, my absence was partly due to my preparation for a violin diploma exam, coupled with the loss of inspiration. I was, however, still actively posting away on Instagram, which seems to be the only social media I utilize now, besides procrastinating violin practice with random articles and Buzzfeed lists on Facebook. Nothing has been missed during my act of disappearance, except for Clash of Clans becoming my life, me getting rid of my curls and falling in love with another pair of Nikes.

But anyway, I digress.

About a month ago, So Frocking Good approached me and so frocking kindly interviewed me for a feature on the shop's blog. You can go take a look and have a read to know more about me, or shop for my outfit (or your own) on their store. Meanwhile, I've procrastinated enough and it's time for me to get back to trying not to sound like I'm killing chickens with my violin (aka time to disappear again). I pinky promise, that I will be back to regular posting after the exam, which is just a month away (hyperventilates).

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